Welcome to Love Served Warm.

I’m Tianna, a Registered Nurse, and Certified Life coach. I have over 10 years working with pregnant woman, babies, and young children. In that time, the number of women suffering miscarriage and infertility has increased dramatically. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome was identified by the American Diabetes Association as being the most common cause of female infertility. 

 More so, woman especially minorities as suffering from an increasingly high rate of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I’ve always been a spectator, clocking into the job, believing I had an understanding of the challenges that woman faced but never fully understanding the depth of the problem until it hit home. 

I was 6 months pregnant when I lost my son Logan. Having an endocrine disorder, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) put me at an increased risk for developing gestational diabetes. Still being familiar but never being touched personally, I didn’t give gestational diabetes a second thought. I just regarded it as something that afflicted woman, primarily minority woman, and it was just a way of life that could not be avoided. 

I mean I tried all the fad diets. I ate salads until I was green in the face, and all of that simply to run back to the comfort of carbs and familiarity. Diabetes was just a way of life, and something I felt like was just as inevitable as growing old. 

 It took losing Logan and having my Miracle baby Anthony, to really grasp the concept that if I wanted to be around I needed to make a major change and fast. I was a carb addict and a sugar fiend. Despite the fake news from the celebrities, snapping back after a baby is no walk in the park. Top that with PCOS and you’ve got a major hurdle to climb. I learned about the Keto diet but felt like it was something really far fetched, but something about high fat and a moderate protein called out to me. I could still have some of my favorite foods without sacrificing taste and goodness all together?

Count me in… Nothing that I had tried to do previously had worked. What did I have to lose?

After much research, many failed recipes, expensive test tasting ingredients, and failures that have resulted in learned successes… Love Served Warm was created. Partly as a way to share my love with cooking with my family and friends, but more importantly to build a community of woman who understands that obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Diabetes are diseases that can be cured through good nutrition.

Simply put, Love Served Warm is an invitation to my dinner table. It’s a conversation about good food and good health. It’s an opportunity to share knowledge about health and wellness in the setting of love and familiarity. 

… did I mention more love?

My goal is to educate you on how to make food that is quick, delicious and healthy. The foods are keto approved, and sugar-free. Now, when it comes to the different kinds of sugar substitutes used and whether or not they affect your glycemic index or not is a conversation in itself that we will reserve for another day.

Psssst… Did  I mention I lost 40  pounds (and counting) by limiting carb intake and eliminating sugar?

This lifestyle change, more commonly known as Keto. While this certainly isn’t for everyone, allow your doctor to be the one to decide before participating in any dietary changes that could affect your health. Especially with strictly depriving carbs such as in Keto.

The recipes on this site can be shared with anyone, even if they aren’t low carb. My family and friends have certainly loved all of my recipes, especially the ones they didn’t know were Keto  ; ) 

In adopting this new way of life, I’ve fallen in love with cooking all of my favorite recipes all over again. This time substituting some of the inflammatory ingredients and high carb sugary snacks for some really yummy, healthy, goodness. My relationship with food has completely changed. 

What motivated me to make the change?  I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It’s a hormonal disorder that affects a woman of childbearing age. PCOS is the number one cause of infertility in women. 

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Symptoms can vary but its hallmark symptom is polycystic ovaries.

 PCOS gets progressively worse with weight gain. Want to learn more about PCOS? (click here). There is no cure for PCOS. The best way to manage PCOS is by maintaining a healthy weight.  

If I had a dream, to be or do anything in the world. It would be to build a foundation to help educate woman and children about healthy eating and nutrition that encourages wellness.

A portion of the proceeds from this site goes to helping me build my dreams. So please stay in touch, sign up for my newsletter, and share this page with your family, friends, or any woman having trouble with fertility.