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Hey Cyster!

I ‘m Tianna founder of “The Healthy Period Protocol”  my signature program that helps women suffering from hormonal imbalances heal they’re irregular or painful periods, naturally. 

Welcome to Love Served Warm. Here, I assist women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  and other hormonal imbalances to create a life they love, by healing their painful and irregular periods. So they can gain a sense of control and focus on what matters most.
Love Served Warm combine my professional experience as a nurse with my personal adventures as a women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My aim is to help women with PCOS regain control of their lives.  Here, I share with you my ups and downs in trying to re-establish my life after PCOS.
I spill tips from my signature methodology that has helped over 300 women manage their symptoms of PCOS, naturally. It has also helped me personally lose over 40 pounds and give birth to two beautiful rainbow babies.
Love Served Warm helps to connect women with resources and mentorship programs to ensure a full lifestyle transformation. Here, I share some of my personal favorite low carb recipes and low carb grocery shopping lists.  I also share my experience as a Registered Nurse and Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, all the while learning things that can’t be taught… like motherhood!
You can read more about me in my THRIVE feature Here

It’s an invitation

Love Served Warm is an invitation to my dinner table. It’s a safe please to discuss not so easy to discuss topics in a warm way. It’s an opportunity for conversation.
A humble invitation to come and experience Love Served Warm and shared among friends. So please take a look around. Have a seat at my dinner table and stay for a while.
Allow me to share some of my favorite low carb recipes with you. While I no longer practice the ketogenic diet, with my clients due to a need for more carbs for certain women hormonal needs. However, I highly encourage remaining low carb and still reference these ketogenic recipes frequently.  I am still a human with cravings. So join me as I share my recipes, some healthy and some sinful, but all prove to be deliciously low carb.
Let’s share tips and hacks about balancing our hormones holistically awhile we figure out how to make life a little smoother.   I’ll share my ups and downs with extreme dieting, healing my relationship with food, and self love as a woman with PCOS.
Fearless in sharing, I’ll share my honesty in hopes that you know you’re not alone.
I hope you stick around!
Tianna T.

Hi there, I'm Tianna

I want to help you fix your painful and irregular period, and hormone imbalances, naturally!

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