Life Coaching

Life Coaching


Have you tried everything to combat PCOS and nothing has worked?


I’ve been there! When I was first diagnosed with PCOS I felt like I was left out to dry. There wasn’t much advice for treatment out there other than take birth control and lose weight. If only it was that easy.


Have you tried birth control, dieting, medications and nothing has worked in combating PCOS?


Have you tried that dreaded pre-diabetes medication that leaves your stomach in knots? I’ve tired all of the ‘recommended’ practices yet nothing was working. I tried eating healthy, only to be overtaken by my sugar cravings. So I just gave up, and it didn’t matter as much to me.  Until I wanted to have a baby. That’s the first time I really began to feel the effects of PCOS.

Do you need a tailored approach to creating achievable health and personal goals?


I am here for you!

Hi! I am Tianna, A Registered Nurse, Health and Certified Life and Keto Coach.

I can provide health and wellness coaching, help develop nutritional goals, as well as conduct workshops on a wide variety of health and wellness topics.  

Life Coaches are part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part friend. Life Coaches help people of all walks of life to achieve thier goals in both their personal and professional lives. 



Life Coaching


Discovering what your Life Coach has to offer:

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Life Coaching

Discovering what your Life Coach has to offer:


Individual coaching sessions work best for those who have a particular goal in mind. Together we can create a plan with measurable goals to help you achieve your goal.

Prior to our scheduled session you will receive a coaching packet. Inside this exclusive made coaching packet you will receive a questionnaire. It is important you complete the questionnaire to provide a baseline for our coaching session.

Follow up call: Included in each coaching session is a 15 minute post follow up call. This call is scheduled within 1 month of our coaching session. Together we’ll review your progress, any changes that can be made, and answer any pending questions you may have.
Follow up email: Included with each coaching session is an UNLIMITED amount of emails for 7 days after your scheduled session. Emails are answered within 24 hours. This opportunity ensures that you get the best out of your coaching session.