Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Together we can find solutions and alternatives that encourage and support PCOS healing. 


Have you tried everything to combat PCOS and nothing has worked?

Do you have PCOS?

Are you suffering from sugar cravings?

Do you suffer from excess hair growth on your lip, chin and face?

Have you tried everything fad diet to lose weight and nothing has worked?

Have you been trying to get pregnant but your PCOS symptoms are getting in the way?

Are you ready to meet someone who FINALLY understands and has been in your shoes?


I’ve been there! When I was first diagnosed with PCOS I felt like I was left out to dry. There wasn’t much advice for treatment out there other than taking birth control and lose weight. If only it was that easy.


I am here for you because I’ve been there before!


Hi! I am Tianna, A Registered Nurse, Health and Certified Nutrition and Health Life coach specializing in Woman with PCOS.

I went to countless doctors whose only solutions offered was to lose weight and take medications with awful side effects.I spent countless years spinning my wheels searching for a solution that I knew existed!

Then one day it finally clicked! I found the solution, one that Id love to share with you…


My PCOS coaching program is the perfect solution for you if want to …

Feel good about yourself and have confidence in your skin?


Do you want to learn how to change your relationship with food?


Are you tired of living a life “less than” because of your PCOS symptoms?


Do you want to FINALLY take control of your PCOS symptoms and live the life you always imagined?


Do you struggle with feeling down or anxious due to your PCOS?


Do you need someone to hold your hand and help you achieve your goals of managing your PCOS?


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