Low Carb Keto Beer

Need Help Selecting a Low Carb Keto Beers?

Before starting Keto, I would have been caught dead drinking a beer. I just thought beers were bitter tasting and too filling.

Boy, are those days over. Keto changed more than just my taste in food.

Keto has caused me to look at everything I eat and drink differently. When I see the carb content on a drink or the amount of sugar in one drink. I definitely make better choices. While they might not be the healthiest, I am definitely a work in process. I went from drinking sugar-filled margaritas to a few low carb beers.

“Arriba” –  Literally translates to “up”.  Raise your glass to the occasion.

“Abajo” means “down”. Tap the bottom of your beer to the table.

“Al centro” – means “center”. Typically everyone brings in their glass to touch.

“Pa’ dentro or Adentro” – translates to “inside” or as my family always notes, Bottoms up!

Which Low Carb Beer?

My favorite Low carb beer is Corona Premier. At only 90 calories and 2.6 carbs, it compliments EVERYTHING!

Ok… Well, not everything.

I’ll be releasing my favorite Keto wine list of all time soon. Who was I fooling? Nothing compliments pasta like wine

…Yes, I said pasta. Stay tuned for my low carb pasta recipes.

There’s so much I want to share with you all. So stay tuned! Now back to our regularly scheduled program, Low Carb Keto Beers.

Here is the list of low carb beers.

Have a favorite Low carb beer tat didn’t make the list? Email me and I will be happy to update the list.

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