100pcs/set Ketone Strips

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Sensitive reagent strips for urinalysis, quickly get the precise results, convenient for you to know your Ketone level and make plans to control it. Provide more accurate results, different colors for easier reading.
These strips allow you to monitor your Ketone level all by yourselves in your home.
Easy to operate, simply dip and read, get the results within seconds.
The urine ketone test strip is an intuitive visual product that can observe the content of ketone bodies released into urine after fat burning.
Urine ketone test strips for the detection of fat metabolites in urine. Fat burning products are mainly ketones.
The normal non-ketone-containing urine is negative, ie, the test result shows a minus sign (-); if the urine has a fat metabolite, fatty ketone, the test paper color will gradually turn purple. The deeper the color of ketones, the more fat the sport burns.


Bottle size: 11×4.5×4.5cm/4.33×1.77×1.55
Color: As shown
Quantity: 100 Pcs/bottle


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