1:1 Consultation

Before I became a Life Coach, I struggled with many of the challenges you may be facing today. Early in my adulthood, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Although its symptoms seemed like nothing life-threatening, the relevance of this syndrome and how I.T could affect my ability to be a mom was far out of mind and sight. By the time, I finally was settled and ready to have a baby, I experienced multiple loses. I also gained a ton of weight and battled anxiety and depression. I was miserable. 


It took one morning for me to look in the mirror and decide that I had enough. I didn’t like the person was becoming, and I certainly wasn’t laughing or smiling enough. Thats when I decided to take control of my life and my health. I shed over 30 pounds, changed my lifestyle and eating habits and found growth in the new me. Without even realizing it, I was overeating due to my own emotional issues. Most people overeat due to their emotions, not because they are hungry. Learn to gain a balance in your life. 


Schedule a 1:1 today, and let’s discuss whatever has been holding you back from becoming the best you. Let’s create a realistic set of goals to get you going in the direction of your choice. Health is not only about our bodies. Health is about our minds and spirits too. 




When you make HEALTH your number one priority, the rest comes naturally. Let me show you how!


Let me how you how you can become the best version of yourself. Let me show you how to manage your PCOS and live life unapologetically. There is freedom in good health. There is laughter and happiness on the other side of all of your fears. Take my hand and let me how you the way. I’d love to be your personal cheerleader and cheer you on and you sprint across the finish line.