Top 5 Keto Resturant Favorite Meals to order

Do you dread going out because you don’t know what to order on the menu? If you are like me, when you get a text invite to go out somewhere you immediately google the menu to see whats Keto approved so that you can order as quickly and discreetly as possible.

…why? Because there seems to be this negative stigma surrounding keto. Like somehow eating tons of sugar and carbohydrates my whole life, being over 40 pounds overweight, and my insulin resistance peaking I was ok. Fast forward to today, 40 pounds lighter, reversed my insulin sensitivity, but everyone loses their heads when I order a burger wrapped in lettuce as opposed to the bun.

If your anything like me, or even if your not and you’ve just fallen into this post. Heres 5 of my favorite things to order at restaurants that are totally kept approved and still delicious and yummy.


This modern Keto remix on an old classic never grows out of style. This is a shrimp scampi from Duffys never disappoints on flavor. Substitute the pasta for broccoli and tell them to cook normally. The little cooked pieces of garlic give this plate depth and texture. This is one of my favorite go-to meals when I am dining out on Keto. Heres a Shrimp Scampi sub pasta for broccoli at Duffys Resturant.


This Cobb Salad at Duffy’s Restaurant is just as amazing as it looks. While tomatoes have a mild carb content, you can omit them if you please. Do you see that bacon? safe to say they aren’t stingy with any of the ingredients. This monster Keto salad is a great choice when dining out.


What’s most important in Keto is that you keep up your dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is what helps rid your body of deadly toxins that can build up and cause damage in the future. So there’s no surprise, here’s my favorite vegetable broccoli. This time dressed up with cheese and bacon. Heres a Ribe eye steak, cooked medium, with a double side of broccoli loaded like a baked potato with bacon and cheese from Chilis Resturant.


These Parmesan and Garlic stuffed mushrooms are both low carb and keto approved. Did I mention they were delicious? Pair this with a side salad for a meal, or share with family or friends for a keto approved appetizer. Heres Parmesan and Garlic stuffed mushrooms at the Cheese Cake Factory Resturant.


This Romano Crusted Chicken is just as amazing as it looks. This chicken breast is cut thin and coated in romano and parmesan cheese, then fried to a crisp. Served normally with pasta, I subbed the pasta for broccoli and asked for the light tomato sauce on the side. I added parmesan cheese because… well its keto. Heres Romano Crusted Chicken Breast substitute the pasta for broccoli with light tomato sauce on the side.

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